March 26th, 2011
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1081812_30500598Last time, I mentioned a few activities that your family can participate in while waiting for your child’s visa in Guangzhou. In this post, we will continue to explore available family activities.

Need a place that feels like home? Visit Shamian Island. This place was occupied by the French and British during the 1800s. Much of the island’s architecture is a result of the European influence. Shamian Island has a reputation for catering to adoptive families with many restaurants and stores featuring English products. Lucy’s is a popular restaurant for folks wanting a tasty American-like treat. The island is pretty quiet and lacks the commotion of the downtown area of Guangzhou. It is a great place to enjoy a stroll among the European architecture or play in one of its parks.


Are you interested in a cultural encounter? Consider exploring the Qingping market. This market is a few blocks from Shamian Island. Vendors sell local food, medicines, and goods. A few years ago, you would be able to see a variety of live animals. It was quite the cultural shock for many American families. Due to the SARS outbreak, the local health department banned many vendors from selling live animals in the Qingping market. But never-the-less if you want to see a glimpse of China, take a few hours out of a day to visit the Qingping market.

Do you want to see many of Guangzhou’s most spectacular scenes? Consider booking a spot on a Pearl River Cruise. Most adoptive families choose the night tour as many of the buildings light up at night. It is quite a colorful display of neon lights and is sure to please most children. Some Pearl River Cruises offer a dinner buffet and show, if you are interested.

Visit one of Guangzhou’s many Buddhist temples. The Temple of Six Banyan Trees is one of the more popular Buddhist temples for tourists. You are allowed to climb to the top of the pagoda. It is quite a hike up but offers breathtaking views of Guangzhou. Within any of the temples, you can learn about one of the most influential religions in China and its importance in the daily life of the Chinese. Some temples in Guangzhou will even allow your adoptive child to receive a blessing.

I hope these examples provide you with an idea of things to do with your family while in Guangzhou. While the mandatory wait for your child’s visa may seem like an eternity, try to enjoy the time that you have to explore the city. Because once you get home, you will wish that you had seen more of beautiful Guangzhou!

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